The latest trend – using an electronic travel ticket to go wherever you want 旅遊票券電子化 一卡趴趴走正流行


Every year, the Taipei International Travel Fair attracts large numbers of visitors who come to select the most attractive package tours. What with breakfast coupons, hotel coupons, entrance ticket coupons and hot springs coupons, you can soon find yourself holding several dozen different tickets and coupons. Inevitably, you start to worry about losing them; this is an especially serious problem today, when firms usually refuse to issue replacement for lost coupons and tickets. So what about storing all of these tickets and coupons in a single card?


Working together, the Institute for Information Industry (III) and a group of travel agencies have developed a solution to this problem. If you buy a package holiday at any of the stands at the Travel Fair, all of the various tickets and coupons are converted into electronic “travel points.” The consumer can use his or her existing bank card; all they need to do is fill out the membership application form, and they can then use their bank IC card to store their membership scheme travel points. It doesn’t matter whether they represent hotel coupons, bed-and-breakfast coupons, or farm-stay coupons, you can store all of them on the same card.


The travel points stored on the card are like money deposited in the bank. Even if you lose the card, you just need to get a replacement card; your original travel points are still there. Consumers can use the Internet to check how their travel point usage status and see how many points they have left.


The package holidays that travel agents offer are usually very similar, but travel agents can use services to differentiate themselves from their rivals and make customers feel that they are getting real value for money. IC cards can be a bridge for interaction between travel agencies and consumers who join the membership program, facilitating the provision of a range of convenient services. For example, consumers may, understandably, be worried that the travel points they buy will expire before they get round to using them. Now, travel agencies can send text messages or e-mails to remind consumers that their travel points will be expiring soon. Services like this make consumers feel that the travel agency really cares.