The “Blogger Top 100” – Creating New Value from Content 部落格嚴選百店 – 創造內容新價值

Everyone has had the experience of trying to choose a good restaurant to go to. Most conventional websites will give you a long list of restaurants to choose from, but how do you know which ones are the best? Or what the restaurants’ best dishes are? A lot of people would say that you can find this information on blogs, but there are so many different blogs out there … The “Blogger Top 100” list, which was developed as a collaborative project between the III (Institute for Information Industry) and Chunghwa Telecom’s “Xuite” website, uses computer technology to analyze the online reputation that individual restaurants have built up, bringing together information that was originally scattered about in countless different blogs to help consumers make decisions!


The III and Xuite organized the first Blogger Top 100 activity last year, analyzing content from over 100,000 Xuite blogs to find the real experts in various different fields, identify the special characteristics of different blogs and extract commercial value from them. The second Blogger Top 100, held this year, identified expert bloggers in three fields – restaurants, travel, and movies – and also compiled a list of bloggers’ most highly recommended 100 restaurants, based on 12,282 articles by the top 100 bloggers in the food and restaurant category over the period from March 2008 to March 2009, using online content retrieval technology to analyze the special features of the individual restaurants and make available the views of the top 100 blogger “layman experts” regarding each category of restaurant for the benefit of consumers.

資策會創研所與Xuite從去年舉辦第一屆「部落客百傑」活動,從Xuite部落格10餘萬個部落格中進行內容分析,找出各領域達人,建立部落客特色,發掘商業價值。今年第二屆「部落客百傑」找出美食、旅遊、影劇三領域達人外,推出「部落格嚴選百店」,從美食百傑近一年的12,282篇文章 (2008年3月至2009 年3月)中統計出百傑好評店家,透過「網路內容資訊萃取技術」,分析店家特色,提供百傑對各類餐廳的平民菁英觀點供消費者參考。