International Acclaim for the “Sliding Bike”, which has Won 8 Major International Awards in 5 Years 5年榮獲8項大獎 滑台式單車享譽國際

In the Far Glory Air Cargo Park free trade zone adjacent to Taoyuan International Airport, 55-year-old Huang Chung-Yung is busy arranging the shipment of a batch of his “Sliding Bikes.” Huang has been waiting for this moment for 5 years.

位於桃園國際機場的「遠雄自由貿易港區」, 55歲的黃中庸正忙著全球唯一「滑台式伸縮腳踏車」出貨的事。這一刻,他已經等了5年。

Huang, who was in the import/export business for over 10 years, traveled to 60 different countries on business during the course of his career. Having decided to establish his own brand, Huang came to the conclusion that a “sliding bicycle” would be significantly safer and more convenient to use than a conventional folding bicycle. Over a period of 5 years, Huang has invested around NT$50 million in this project, 16 times more than he originally planned to spend on it. Despite winning 11 major awards in Taiwan and overseas, and successfully creating his own highly innovative “Sliding Bike” brand, Huang was initially unable to make a profit from the venture.

從事進出口貿易10多年的黃中庸,曾走遍全球60個國家做生意,但是,他決定要有自己的商品及品牌。他觀察,滑台式腳踏車有安全、便利的特性,比小摺還棒。這一投入,5年來,黃中庸燒了5,000萬元,比預估數字遠超過16倍,雖然在國內外拿下11項大獎,並自創「Sliding Bike」品牌,超強的創新發明能力,卻仍不能保證獲利。

Huang Chung-Yung was aware that 6 million bicycles are sold in Japan every year. The small size of most Japanese houses and the high cost of living in Japan made Japan an ideal market for sliding bikes. This was what encouraged Huang to invest in sliding bike R&D. The first-generation model was relatively crude; the first set of dies cost only NT$20,000 to make.


Huang’s sliding bike uses a one-piece sliding-type frame with no points of attachment. Unlike conventional folding bikes, the bike slides open, making it very easy to open out or close up. The height of the bike can be adjusted to match the rider’s height, so children can continue to use the same bike as they grow older; this bicycle is perfect for all the family.


After making repeated improvements, and developing 15 sets of dies, the fourth-generation sliding bike has reached a high level of perfection. Huang has continued to make improvements to the bike, and has showcased it at many exhibitions both in Taiwan and overseas to gain increased exposure. Since winning an award at the Seoul International Invention Fair in 2004, Huang has won awards for his sliding bike nearly every year.