A Bright Outlook for the “Six Key Emerging Industries” 六大新興產業 飛躍雲端耀光芒

Taiwanese industry is heavily export-oriented, and is also relatively undiversified, with hi-tech manufacturing dominating the industrial structure. As a result, Taiwan is highly vulnerable to the ups and downs of the global business cycle. This was very obvious last year, when the global financial crisis led to a dramatic fall in Taiwan’s exports. The Executive Yuan believes that it is vital to create new opportunities for the development of Taiwanese industry; with this aim in mind, the government has formulated the “Six Key Emerging Industries Plan.”


Chang Chia-Yuan, Vice President of Quanta Computer, notes that these days everyone is talking about “cloud computing,” and that the companies that come to mind when someone mentions cloud computing are enterprises such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo! that operate global, universal platforms; however, specific applications such as healthcare, education, monitoring and testing, entertainment, etc. may offer even greater opportunities for cloud computing development.


Wu Ming-Ji, Director General of the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, points out that the development of cloud computing services by the Six Key Emerging Industries needs to be carefully focused. Wu notes that the Chinese government has been promoting the growth of the healthcare and energy sectors, and suggests that Taiwan may be able to develop business opportunities that relate to collaboration with China in these areas. Regarding the development of cloud computing services in the Six Key Emerging Industries, cloud computing knowledge, technology, human talent and infrastructure are generally in short supply in Taiwan’s industries; Wu suggests that the government may want to consider establishing an Open Cloud Computing R&D Center and Cloud Computing Applications Project Office to help chief information officers (CIOs) and other managers in the Six Key Emerging Industries to plan the rollout of cloud computing services and to promote more active involvement by industry.


Yang Jen-Ta, Director of the Institute for Information Industry’s Innovative Digitech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (III-IDEAS), says that the Chinese-language e-reading market offers significant opportunities for Taiwan. Yang suggests that, given that the “Greater China” region is the world’s largest market, Taiwan should exploit the advantages conferred by its ethnic Chinese culture. He sees significant potential for e-reading in the cultural and creative industries, anticipating that Taiwan should be able to develop new business opportunities by integrating e-reading devices with innovative services.


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