New Media 2.0 – “Personal Media” Innovation 新媒體2.0 「個人媒體」型態創新

On September 2, 2009, a group of nearly 30 technology bloggers met at the Sherwood Taipei at the invitation of Intel. The occasion was a new product launch presentation for one of Intel’s new products; what was unusual about the presentation was that, instead of journalists, those attending were a group of “nerdy” bloggers. Instead of asking about market competitiveness, industry trends and the impact that the new product would have on Intel’s operational performance, the bloggers wanted to know what fast the new chip was, whether it could be used for over-clocking, and how much it would cost.


Just like a new car test-drive event, these technology bloggers were the first people to get to use the new product; the next day, their appraisal of the new product, saying whether they liked it or not, would appear on their blogs the next day. A PR agency executive explains that, today, bloggers rival traditional journalists in importance; they provide a channel for direct communication between business enterprises and consumers without the need for the intermediary role played by traditional media, and as such bloggers have become an important PR tool. The blogging community has become a new battlefield in which PR and media consulting firms compete fiercely against one another; this is true both in Taiwan and in other parts of the world. In 2005, when GE was preparing to embark on a major new investment project, senior GE managers met with a group of environmental bloggers to try to win their support for GE’s new energy-saving technology.

就像是「新車試乘會」,科技部落客是「新產品」的首波試用者,喜不喜歡、滿不滿意,隔天在部落格上見真章,「部落客與媒體記者平起平坐,跳過傳統媒體,企業與消費者直接對話,成為公關操作的另一種手法。」一位公關公司主管表示。事實上,部落客成為戰場,公關媒體顧問公司努力展開宣傳戰國內外皆然。2005年,奇異電子公司(General Electric)在展開一項大投資之前,其高階主管和一些環保部落客碰面,勸誘他們贊同一項新節能科技的環保精神。

Blogging represents a rapidly growing new industry in the U.S. A research report indicates that there are now over 20 million bloggers in the U.S.; for 452,000 of these people, blogging is their main source of income. Professional bloggers who work for business enterprises can make between US$45,000 and US$90,000 a year; 1% of corporate bloggers have an annual income in excess of US$200,000.


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