The New Life Map新生活地圖

Life in the future as portrayed in some novels and movies has become a reality thanks to technological advances. In 1995, using scenario, DJ Yu, the cofounder of Scenario Lab, and its New York team successfully simulated the Wii games console launched in 2007. Five years later, your life Map is about to experience a major change.
許多小說、電影描述的未來情景,從推陳出新的科技創新得到印證屢見不鮮。1995年,應用劇本實驗室(Scenario Lab)共同創辦人余德彰,就和紐約團隊利用「說故事模擬情境(Scenario)」,成功模擬出2007年推出的Wii遊戲機。5年後的你,新生活地圖將出現重大轉變。

Food – When you go out, you only need your mobile phone, keys and wallet. You may not even need your wallet because you can pay with your mobile. If you are eating out, use your mobile to search the web and download the discount coupon of the restaurant you are interested in going to.

Clothes – Through social networking websites such as Facebook and Plurk, you can invite friends to visit shopping websites and place orders together to grab goodies that are available only with a group purchase.

Home – As in the movie Minority Report, futuristic cities often consist of several skyscrapers and roads are not on the ground but in the air. Japan is planning to build on the sea a futuristic building called the X-Seed 4000, or Sun City, and it is supposed to resemble Mount Fuji. This 800-story giant tower will be powered by solar panels fitted on its outer walls. Inside the building, the temperature and lighting are automatically adjusted according to the weather. Green buildings have entered the mainstream.
住-電影《關鍵報告》裡,未來城市由一堆高聳入雲的大樓組合而成,馬路不在地面上而在天空中,日本正計畫在海上建造一座未來大樓「X-Seed 4000」,又名太陽城,狀似富士山、800層樓高的巨塔,由外牆的太陽能板發電、內部溫度依天氣自動調節照明,綠建築成為主流。

Work – Smart mobiles allow you to work more efficiently. With the iPhone application Groups, phone books may be better categorized and managed. Another handy iPhone application is Contacts Journal, which you can use to list of how many meetings and meals you have had with Mr. A in one year and how many transactions worth how much have been concluded during that period. In case he forgets, you can refresh his memory with your iPhone. Other applications coming in handy are LinkedIn, which effectively expands your internet relationships; Twitterrific, something that enables you to always stay in touch; and BeejiveIM, your manager of email messages.
工作-智慧型手機可讓工作更有效率,採用iPhone軟體Groups,可將電話簿做更有效率的分類管理;另一個好用的iPhone軟體是Contacts Journal,可將你與A君這一年開了幾次會、吃了幾頓飯、完成多少金額的交易等,都可條列出來。萬一對方忘了,還可拿出iPhone提醒他。有效擴展網路關係的LinkedIn、隨時溝通的Twitterrific,管理郵件訊息的BeejiveIM,都是工作上的好幫手。

Leisure – No more browsing through advertisements to find a hotel of your choice. A web-based room reservation system has tens of millions of user-rated hotels and tourist attractions ready for you to choose from according to your preferences and itineraries.
No more swiping cards to enter a hotel room because when you check in the networked camera system already records your facial features with a RFID issued to you. Everything you do – entering your room, swiping your card etc – is recorded in the chip. When you check out, your expenses will be deducted directly from your account.
進入旅館不必用門卡,因為在櫃檯登記時,網路攝影系統已經將你的臉孔特徵記錄下來,並發給RFID,無論進入房間、刷卡消費,全記錄在晶片上,Check out時直接在帳戶扣款。