Green Paddy Animation Studio Rises to International Fame via KUSO青禾動畫 靠KUSO竄起揚名國際

Bus riders must remember short BeeTV animated commercials shown on the bus. Since it was founded in 1991, BeeTV has produced numerous funny, comical works, from IRIS, a wedding biscuit box introduced by confectionery company I-Mei, and Coca Cola’s Qoo in the early days, to the more recent CCTV Olympic Games special “Fuwa Civilization”.

In 2006, BeeTV collaborated with well-known illustrator Jimmy Liao and produced a short animated film named “A Fish with a Smile”. Though it has a running time of only 10 minutes, the film has won 13 awards that include the Best Animation Award from the 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival and a special award in the Kinderfilmfest category by the international jury from the 56th Berlin International Film Festival.

General Manager Chen Chun-xia notes that the government in 2002 aggressively promoted the digital content industry. Thanks to the “Two Trillion and Twin Star” program, Green Paddy’s interesting animations attracted Asia Pacific Telecom’s attention. In 2004 Green Paddy began collaborating with Asia Pacific to produce animations for its 3G mobiles.

Aside from their original stories and witty characters, one other characteristic of Green Paddy’s animations is that they are usually short. Chen indicates that a 22-minute animation costs at least NT$2 million to produce. Limited government subsidies are barely enough to pay employees for half the work done.