Xu Qing-qi, Vice President, Institute for Information Industry:The Policy to Promote E-Books資策會副執行長許清琦:政策點火 推動電子書

The Office to Promote the Digital Content Industry, an agency that helps develop an industry worth tens of billions of US dollars, was unveiled on September 29, 2009. The establishment of this agency is testimony to Taiwan’s intention to develop its e-book industry. Xu Qing-qi, Director of the Office to Promote the Digital Content Industry responsible for the development of the digital content industry, and Vice President of the Institute for Information Industry, notes the government plans to invest NT$2.134 billion over five years to develop Taiwan’s digital content industry, with the aim of establishing 2-3 Chinese-language e-book content exchange centers by 2013.

To construct the infrastructure, the Office has decided to adopt the e-PUB international format standard and establish e-PUB planning taskforce. Once a standard format is decided, the digital content in the e-book platform trading centers may be readily exchanged, making it easy for carriers such as e-readers, mobiles and MIDs to read the content as long as files are converted.

Development of the digital publishing industry is also one of the Office’s top priorities. The Office hopes that it can create sufficient value for Taiwan’s digital publishing industry to play a major role in the world by 2013. Other goals include creating a society in which people enjoy reading and leading the world in the publication of Chinese-language materials. In the digital publishing industry chain, Taiwan has a competitive edge in the R&D of e-paper and readers. However, there is plenty of room for improvement in terms of the content of e-books, content trading centers and innovative applications.