GozCafe Wins Plurkians’ Hearts果子咖啡用愛台灣的心 感動噗友

Established by 30 industry consultants and professors, GozCafe is a platform aimed at helping Taiwan’s farmers and fishermen with the branding of products, design of CISs, establishment of websites, opening of sales outlets and improvement of sales on the internet. It wants to market Taiwan’s produce to the world.

Having been in the franchise business for 20 years, Lin Yu-tang, the general manager of GozCafe, is in charge of operating its physical store. Xu Shengfeng, one of the two founders, is the key figure in marketing GozCafe on Plurk. Xu Zhehun, the other founder, is responsible the teaching of information and computing.

Not computer-literate until 40, Xu Shengfeng said he was mainly into Twitter when he first started surfing the web. But he felt that the platform provided by Plurk that could be shared by multiple persons could become an important channel for the promotion of agricultural produce. Since it opened in July 2008, after much hype GozCafe has become a subject of conversation between Plurkians.

With as many as 576,000 hits in over one year from Internet searches done using Google, GozCafe has increased its membership to several tens of thousands. GozCafe has reason to be proud because it broke even at the end of its second month in business with each month’s sales exceeding NT$500,000.

“Marketing on Plurk generates stories that are remembered. Resources are shared among and by all. Each month there has to be a different theme. Through constant event marketing, we get customers addicted”, says Lin.