Chinese Gamer International Corp’s Outstanding In-house R&D Capability has Enabled the Company to Establish a Dominant Position in the Online Gaming Market 自主研發潛力驚人 中華網龍線上稱霸

Shortly after the bursting of the dot-com bubble, a group of four young people who had achieved impressive results in game design competitions – Ch’en Chia-P’ing, Lu Hsueh-Sen, Liu Yu-Min and Wu Tsung-Chou – and who were overflowing with the confidence of youth, got together to establish the Taichi Workshop

“You should think very carefully about this; making it big in the game industry isn’t as easy as you think.” When Soft-World International Chairman Wang Chun-Po heard that they were planning to set up a game design workshop to develop new games, he warned them that they should be very cautious about making this decision. At that time, very few computer science graduates went into the gaming industry; people who had studied computer science at university usually found jobs with companies in the Hsinchu Science Park. In the end, however, Wang Chun-Po took the bold decision to provide the four young people with seed capital, enabling them to establish the business that later became Chinese Gamer International Corp.

By 1999, Chinese Gamer International had launched its first online game – “Three Kingdoms Online,” the company’s first foray into the Chinese-language game market. However, “Three Kingdoms Online” was not a success; no sooner had it been launched than it succumbed to fierce competition from the South Korean online game “Lineage.” Nevertheless, the Chinese Gamer International team had gained valuable experience. They took steps to improve the stability and security of their servers, and in 2002 they finally succeeded in launching a game that was both a critical and financial success: “Legend.”

Fate can play strange tricks. If it hadn’t been for the global financial crisis of 2008, it is likely that no-one would have noticed how profitable online gaming companies were, particularly Chinese Gamer International. The major improvements in networking and server hardware, and in the software environment, that had been achieved over the past few years have provided an unseen boost to online gaming, and to online gaming companies.

Today, Chinese Gamer International Corp. is included in the MSCI Taiwan index. Despite having total capitalization of only NT$860 million, Chinese Gamer International now ranks alongside TSMC and Formosa Plastics as a major target for investment by overseas institutional investors.
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