An epoch-making dialog between high technology and the media sector is pointing the way towards a bright future for publishing 科技與媒體世紀對話 激盪出版大未來

Digital publishing is growing rapidly, while the traditional print media are faced with falling advertising revenues and a declining readership. Whether the fusion of high technology with the media sector will create conflict and disruption, or whether it represents an important turning point that will lead to the emergence of major new business opportunities, depends largely on the decisions that those involved make, and how they respond to changing circumstances. Ideas organized a special forum on “The Epoch-making Dialog between High Technology and the Media Sector,” creating an opportunity for leading experts on technology and the media to share ideas and brainstorm new concepts for innovation.

Shih Mu-Piao, head of Chunghwa Telecom’s Mobile Business Group, noted that last year Chunghwa Telecom rolled out its new Hami e-bookstore service, which makes available books from leading publishers, while also incorporating comprehensive, easy-to-use back-office management services, including e-bookstore network management interface, e-book reproduction, content management, e-book “cloud computing,” etc. The idea behind this new service is to make it easy and convenient for publishers to convert existing paper books into an e-book format with digital rights management (DRM) protection that can be uploaded onto the Hami e-bookstore site for sale to consumers.

Yu Kuo-Ting, Chairman of the Magazine Business Association of Taipei, explains that e-ink e-paper solves the problems associated with reading based on conventional printing technology of the type that people have been familiar with for centuries. The methods of reading that are emerging now represent something completely new, making it possible to reproduce vast quantities of text and graphics, and to integrate reading with multimedia content.
台北市雜誌商業同業公會理事長俞國定:e-ink電子紙解決過去幾百年來大家熟悉的、以印刷術技術為核心的閱讀方式。新型態的閱讀方式,如產生大量圖文並茂、結合多媒體影音的閱讀方式,也是一個新的嚐試。 CEO Liu Yong-Ping notes that, in the future, the media will mean more than just print media and newspapers that have to be opened out to be read; it will be possible to present the news through media other than paper. Liu says that the United Daily News Group will be launching a major new editing platform in July this year, which will make extensive use of hi-tech systems to achieve digital convergence within the Group. Experienced editorial staff will decide whether each piece of content should be presented online, via mobile phone handsets, or through e-book readers.