How to make a good pitch-向Facebook、Uber創辦人學找出產品的「關鍵一句話」

電梯簡報(elevator pitch) 這個詞大家不陌生:想像在電梯裡巧遇想接觸的客戶、潛在投資者、前輩,你得在非常有限、不超過三十秒的時間裡,重點式介紹你的產品、服務、或組織。
(A) 打造 (B) 引發 (C) 引起共鳴

How do customers talk about your product? How do they (1) spread the word? An article in Inc. magazine on "The Art of Describing a Product in One Sentence" discusses the necessity of (A) crafting this 'sentence' early on.
顧客怎麼談論你的產品?他們怎麼讓其他人知道這個產品? Inc.雜誌有篇文章「一句話描述產品的藝術」討論研發初期,為產品打造出關鍵一句話的必要性。

In a typical word-of-mouth scenario, something (B)triggered your customer to bring up your product. He is very likely to ask others, "Have you heard about ABC(the product)?" He follows up with a simplified description of how it works, which usually is a single sentence. It'd be great if the description (C) resonates. If not, your customer will explain why they think it's relevant and move on.

When researching "how founders of successful startups presented the products before they were well-known," the author found that viral products tend to have a "lead feature"which you can simply describe. In an early interview before Facebook's IPO, Mark Zuckerberg describes Facebook as:
"Something where you can type someone's name and find out a bunch of information about them. "

How to make a good pitch-向Facebook、Uber創辦人學找出產品的「關鍵一句話」

Simply and practically, Mark Zuckerberg describes the "ability to view profiles of real people," one of Facebook's key features. He didn't talk about "social networks" or "helping the world to connect with each other."
品,都有一個容易描述的「主打特色」。早期在Facebook 公開募股前,Mark Zuckerberg 在訪問中這
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