I Love to Wear Shades酷炫太陽眼鏡

  The sunglasses we know and love today are available in all shapes and sizes. However, they appeared long after people started experimenting with lenses2. In Rome, Emperor Nero is said to have watched events through an emerald, which may have acted as a magnifying glass3. In the mid-18th century, James Ayscough tried using green- and blue-tinted4 glass to correct vision5 problems. Interestingly, all of the first types of "sunglasses" actually had nothing to do with sunshine.

  The stars of silent movies in the early 1900s became some of the first people to wear glasses to block out light. Extremely bright lights were required for shooting films. Therefore, actors' eyes often became sore. Dark glasses allowed their eyes to rest between takes6. Sam Foster sold the first pair of real sunglasses in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1930. Shortly after, US Army Air Corps7 scientists developed dark-green sunglasses for pilots.

  In the 1960s, advertising and the continued use of sunglasses by film stars increased their popularity. By the 1970s, everyone wore them, and it remains the same today. Just like in the past, people now wear sunglasses for all kinds of reasons.

I Love to Wear Shades酷炫太陽眼鏡




《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. extremely adv. 極度,極其
Ann looks extremely pretty in her new dress.
2. shoot vt. 拍攝(照片、電影等)
The director will shoot the final scene again.