Flying High with Sugar Gliders叫我小飛俠

a. therefore(因此)為副詞,使用時,可置於句首,其後加逗點;或置於兩子句中,其前置分號,其後加逗點;亦可作插入語用,前後以逗點相隔。而本空格位於主要子句的句尾,故 (A) 不可選。
例: It started to rain. Therefore, we decided to stay home.
b. though(不過,但是)可作副詞用,使用時通常置於句尾,其前加逗點,或置於句中作插入語,兩旁以逗點相隔。此處 though 置入空格後,符合語意、用法,故 (B) 為正選。
例: Richard is an American. He acts like a Chinese person, though.
c. otherwise(否則)亦是副詞,使用時通常置於句首或兩子句中,而不置於句尾,故 (C) 不可選。
例: You should go to the store right now. Otherwise, you'll forget to do it.
d. likewise(同樣地)為副詞,使用時通常置於句首,其後加逗點,或置於句中動詞之後。因此 (D) 亦不合用法而不可選。
likewise adv. 同樣地
例: The traffic here is terrible; likewise, the air is almost unbreathable.
例: I operate the machine carefully, and you should do likewise.

2. If you do get a glimpse of a sugar glider, you might notice that when it is soaring through the tree tops, its skin stretches out between its arms and legs, almost in the shape of a square.
a. 本空格測試下列固定用法:
get a glimpse of...  瞥見……