Salvage Code Red

  Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous job in the world is? Well, this month on National Geographic Channel, you will learn about salvors1, people who face heavy odds and constant dangers. Their job is to save ships and anything they can on board. They also must fight to prevent serious environmental pollution caused by shipwrecks2. NGC's five-part series, "Salvage Code Red3," takes viewers inside salvors' rescue missions to see how they use their skills to rid the oceans of damaged ships.

  In "Firestorm4," a ferry5 carrying trucks and fuel tanks burns for two days. Salvors go aboard to put an end to the raging fire. At the same time, their lives are on the line because one mistake in the darkness could be fatal.

  Then, a ship is caught in the stormy Irish Seas and later left stuck on a beach. The salvors must wait for low tide. Only then can they work on clearing the debris6 and getting the ship to float again. However, the weather causes problems again, and the team wonders if the ship can actually be saved at all.

Salvage Code Red




《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. odds n. 巨大的困難;很不利的條件(恆用複數)
Against all odds, Ted finished his research.
2. aboard  adv. & prep. 上船∕飛機∕火車;在船∕飛機∕火車上
We were aboard our flight by 10:00 AM.