Waking the Baby Mammoth

  Over 40,000 years ago, a healthy baby mammoth1 was born into a family group that took care of her. One month later, she died. This sad story does not end there, though. This tiny mammoth's body was found in May of 2007. She is the most perfectly preserved woolly2 mammoth ever discovered. Scientists hope she holds the answers to some of the biggest mysteries about mammoths and the world they lived in.

  This month on National Geographic Channel, watch Waking the Baby Mammoth. You will journey with researchers as they go back to where Lyuba, the baby mammoth, was found. She was discovered by a reindeer3 herder4 on a river bank5 in northwestern Siberia. Two mammoth experts study the place where she was dug up and explain more about the area.

  Then, you will see how detailed images of Lyuba's whole body are made with cutting-edge technology. Those images show that she was in perfect health when she died. Also, the dirt and other things that are found in her trunk6 and throat give researchers clues to how she died.

Waking the Baby Mammoth




《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. preserve vt. 保存;保護 (本文中以過去分詞作形容詞用)
This jar can preserve the food's flavor.
2. mystery n. 神秘的事物,謎
The city of Atlantis remains a mystery.