Hometown Baghdad

  This month, National Geographic Channel's "Hometown Baghdad" shows rarely seen images of the homes and lives of regular people in Iraq. This two-part documentary1 series is about three college students who were living in a war zone2. In the summer of 2006, NGC interviewed these students. They talked about their daily struggles to stay alive in a place where "there is nothing fair..." and "innocent people die every day."

  Adel, Ausama, and Saif were attending schools in Baghdad, Iraq, when the documentary was made. At the time, Adel was in engineering3 school. He shared with NGC the dangers of simply going to class because students were being killed just for being students. He also took a big risk to share the truth about his home country when he carried a hidden camera around his neighborhood4. Adel knew that if he was caught, he would be killed. However, this did not hold him back, nor did it stop him from informing US troops of who had weapons and who was doing the killings5. Despite the hardships, Adel still wants to help rebuild his country when peace returns.

Hometown Baghdad



《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. interview vt. 採訪
Reporters competed to interview the mayor.
2. struggle n. 掙扎;奮鬥
This movie is about a man's struggle to become a successful businessman.
3. innocent a. 無辜的
No one should mistreat innocent kids.