Giant Pandas

  National Geographic Channel follows a team of filmmakers as they search for giant pandas1 in the heart of China. The team goes high into the misty2 Qinling Mountains in order to understand more about the giant pandas' complex lives. These rare animals were once found all over China, but now there are only small numbers of them scattered across the central region. This fact, the harsh weather conditions, and the rough terrain3 are all challenges the team must face to make "Giant Pandas."

  Pandas live in places over 1,500 meters high, and it is around this altitude that the team finds its first clue—panda droppings4. Ninety-nine percent of a panda's diet is bamboo, but they can't digest it well. Therefore, they must spend up to 16 hours a day eating roughly 18 kilograms of it. This would be like a human eating 40 loaves5 of bread each day!

  After 10 days, the team climbs to 3,000 meters and finally finds panda activity. They catch a glimpse of a rare sight—pandas gathering together in the wild. Usually pandas live alone unless it is a female taking care of her cub.

Giant Pandas




《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. scattered a. 分散的,稀疏的
The books are scattered around his room.
2. harsh a. 嚴峻的,惡劣的
The living conditions in this area are harsh.