After 20 years of hard work, CGCG has established itself as a leading player in the international animation business 深耕20年 西基躍上國際動畫舞台

但西基電腦動畫董事長施文祥說,不景氣所衍生的「宅經濟」反而讓動畫業更好, 2009年員工規模預計將擴增至200人以上。這種「別人裁員我增員」的現象,意味著西基將繳出更亮麗的成績單!

CGCG Ltd. Chairman Shih Wen-Hsiang explains that the global economic downturn has actually been good for the animation business, because it has encouraged people to stay at home more. In 2009, CGCG expects to increase its workforce to over 200 employees. The fact that CGCG is recruiting new staff while other companies are laying off workers suggests that CGCG will be posting impressive results in the near future!


Having to meet, and if possible surpass, George Lucas’ expectations was the biggest challenge that CGCG has faced in its 20-year history. After polishing and post-production work, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has now been completed as the first 3D movie in the Star Wars series. The CGCG team is now working on a second animated Star Wars movie. Although the company now has enough work scheduled to keep them busy through to 2010, CGCG is still working actively to achieve further growth.


The international animation market is dominated by the U.S., Japan, and Europe, which between them account for over 90% of total global animation production value. In the last few years, China has been investing heavily to develop its animation industry. Although the quality of Chinese animation is still inferior to Taiwan’s, China is rapidly closing the gap, and China also has the advantage of possessing a large domestic market. Shih Wen-Hsiang says that it is important not to keep China and Taiwan separate; everyone should be working together to create successful animation products if the ethnic Chinese animation market is to grow and expand.