I study at Second Life With virtual reality, the campus becomes a Play Center 我在Second Life上課 虛擬實境 校園變身遊戲場

致理技術學院副教授吳雅仙在學校教學頗受學生好評,她常嘗試新的創新教學方法,本學期她在國際網站「Second Life」的虛擬世界中買了一塊小島「Play Center」並開課,學生上網在島上的教室上課,學習各種及訓練語文能力及開派對。

Wu Ya-Hsien, Associate Professor at Chihlee Institute of Technology, is very highly regarded by the Institute’s students, because of the effective use that she makes of innovative teaching methods. This semester, she purchased an island in the online virtual world Second Life to establish a Play Center in which classes are held. Students go online to attend classes in the Play Center’s virtual classrooms, where they can undertake various types of learning, improve their language capabilities, and hold virtual parties.

Second Life分為兩種,一種是大陸的土地,一種是獨立島,其中獨立島又分為商業與非營利。島內的設備有辦公室、系辦、show case,將長達147業的畢業專刊陳列上去,供學生及居民觀賞,還有系簡介、展示舞台及吧台等,電子商務可以以3D來製作。

Second Life includes a continental land mass and also individual islands; the islands are divided into for-profit and not-for-profit islands. The facilities on the island include a department office, other offices, and a showcase where 157 graduation projects are on display (where both students and ordinary members of the public can access them). There is also an introduction to the department, a performance area, a bar, etc. E-Commerce activities can be undertaken using 3D technology.

在吳雅仙的「Play Center」負責系辦公室設計維護的多媒體設計系學生魏風明在「Play Center」的裝扮是一個頭上有羊角的獸人,他與一群住在「獸人村」,同樣是獸人打扮的外國人,結成好朋友,「為了跟一個30歲的奧地利程式設計師溝通,原本英文很破的我,每天花很多時間學習英文」,經過每天不斷上線練習,短短3個月時間,讓魏風明的英文功力大增,讀寫都不成問題。

Multimedia Design Department student Wei Feng-Ming, who is responsible for designing and maintaining the department office in Wu Ya-Hsien’s Play Center, has a beast-man with ram’s horns for his avatar in Play Center. His avatar lives with a group of other “beast-men” in Beast-Man Village; he has made friends with a number of foreigners as a result. “My English used to be terrible, but so as to be able to communicate with a 30-year-old Australian computer programmer, I have been spending a lot of time working on improving my English every day.” Thanks to this constant online learning, Wei Feng-Ming’s English language abilities have improved dramatically in just three months; he now has no problems with either reading or writing English.
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