A Special Kind of Fat  脂肪也能幫你瘦身?

Scientists believe that brown fat may help people lose weight.

  It all started with mice. Mice aren't able to shiver when they're cold, so they need to find other ways to warm up their bodies. _(1)_ When the mice became cold, this brown fat generated heat by burning calories. In other words, the mice were losing weight just by being cold. And it wasn't just a little weight. _(2)_ This was all due to brown fat.
  Scientists discovered that infants have this brown fat, too, but they thought people lost this baby fat as they grew older. New research shows that they were wrong. Almost all adults have small blobs of brown fat. In babies, the brown fat is found all along the back. _(3)_
  So does this mean that people who live in cold countries are generally thinner? It's hard to say. _(4)_ For instance, people might just eat more when their brown fat is activated. Still, researchers and many others are excited about the discovery. They hope it will lead to helpful new weight-loss drugs. _(5)_ For the moment, if you want to get your brown fat working, try to find a way to get chilly. "We're thinking of opening a frosty spa," joked one of the researchers.

(A) Cold temperatures are the easiest way to activate the fat for now, but researchers are trying to figure out which drugs can be used to activate it as well.
(B) Researchers found that mice have a kind of brown fat that helps them keep warm.
(C) Although brown fat helps mice lose weight, scientists aren't sure if it will work just as easily for humans.
(D) Researchers exposed chubby mice to cold weather for only a week, and they lost 14 percent of their weight and almost half of their body fat.
(E) In adults, it's found in other spots, but it's still the same magical fat that burns up calories and produces heat when a person is cold.

1. 第一題空格應選 (B)
a. 空格前說,老鼠(mice)冷的時候不會發抖,所以需要找其他讓身體暖和(to warm up their bodies)的方法。
b. (B) 選項說到,研究人員發現老鼠體內有一種棕色脂肪能夠讓他們保持暖和(helps them keep warm),前後語意連貫,故選之。
a. researcher n. 研究員,調查者