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Game shows have been entertaining people for years and years.

  Slumdog Millionaire, this year's winner for Best Picture at the Oscars, begins with a contestant being tortured because the police don't think that a poor tea server from the slums of Mumbai could know all the answers to the questions on India's version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? After the protagonist explains each question with a detailed story from his life, the police release him, and he is allowed to return to the game show to try to win 20 million rupees.
  The unlikely success of this film has brought an even bigger spotlight on game shows around the world. In America, game shows have been around since the first day of the commercial era of TV. Over the years, many game shows have made contestants jump for joy as well as bow their head in shame. The longest running game show in America is The Price Is Right, which was hosted most of its 37 seasons by Bob Barker. On the show, contestants are randomly selected to guess the correct prices of everyday objects. Other notable US game shows are Jeopardy, where the contestant gets the answer and they have to figure out the question, and Wheel of Fortune, a variation of the game hangman (猜字遊戲).
  In Taiwan, two popular game shows are Challenge 101 and Are You Smarter than a Primary School Student? Watching a game show is an entertaining way to spend an evening with your family because everyone can yell out answers and dream of becoming a millionaire.

1. What is the purpose of this article?
(A) To briefly summarize game shows.
(B) To introduce a new game show.
(C) To introduce TV game show host Bob Barker.
(D) To tell people how to win on a game show.

2. How are game shows and Slumdog Millionaire related?
(A) The movie is a story that details a game show creator's life.
(B) Slumdog Millionaire is a movie based on a game show.
(C) A game show is prominently featured in the movie.
(D) The police have arrested people for copying the game show featured in Slumdog Millionaire.

3. According to the article, which statement is true?