Fighting Hunger  對抗飢荒的食物銀行

Food banks can help feed those in need.

  Despite its economic success, some 38 million Americans have a hard time getting enough to eat each day. Soup kitchens have provided free meals for many years, but these places can only help a small section of town, and a lot of the leftover food goes to waste. To _(1)_ the needs of a hungry nation and to fight famine, the first food bank opened in the 1960s.
  John van Hengel was a retired businessman who enjoyed spending his free time _(2)_ at his local soup kitchen. He started to use his former work experience to increase the donations for food at the soup kitchen. Van Hengel soon found that oftentimes, people's generosity was greater than the needs of his small community, and _(3)_ his soup kitchen had too much food. About the same time, someone mentioned to van Hengel that every day, supermarkets were _(4)_ food that was edible but couldn't be sold. Van Hengel decided to organize the different charities, supermarkets, and nearby farms together, _(5)_ all the food in the first food bank. This bank would then offer the food to soup kitchens and homeless _(6)_ all over the city.
  _(7)_ van Hengel's work, in 1976 his food bank became a nationwide non-profit organization. Today, food banks in countries all over the world follow this model to help the hungry no matter where they live.
1. (A) carry (B) hold (C) meet (D) gain
2. (A) purchasing (B) consuming (C) exercising (D) volunteering
3. (A) smoothly (B) amazingly (C) mistakenly (D) urgently
4. (A) counting on(B) throwing away (C) running out of (D) falling short of
5. (A) gathering (B) gathered     (C) gathers (D) to gather
6. (A) habitats (B) properties (C) shelters (D) monuments
7. (A) As with (B) Except for (C) Prior to (D) Because of

1. To meet the needs of a hungry nation and to fight famine, the first food bank opened in the 1960s.
a. 本空格測試以下固定用法:
meet the needs of...  符合∕滿足……的需求
例: We hope to meet the needs of all our customers.