Something to Smile About  愛心不停駛的微笑列車

a. 原句的完整結構為:
Smile Train, a global cleft charity which was founded in 1999 by Brian Mullaney and Charles Wang, provides...
b. 原句中的形容詞子句 "which was founded in 1999" 可化簡為過去分詞片語 "founded in 1999",即省略關係代名詞 which,其後 be 動詞 was 化為現在分詞 being 後予以省略,故選 (B) founded。
c. found vt. 創立,成立
三態為:found, founded, founded。

4. The mission of Smile Train is to provide cleft train local doctors and medical professionals to perform this surgery.
a. (A) apply vt. 應用;塗抹  
apply A to B  將 A 運用於 B:將 A 塗∕抹在 B 上
例: Apply this principle to the math problem and you'll get the answer.
(B) perform vt. 執行,做
perform surgery  動手術
= perform an operation
例: The doctor performed surgery on the wounded soldier.
(C) observe vt. 觀察
(D) supply vt. 提供
b. 表『執行』手術的動詞通常用 perform 來表示,故選 (B)。