Something to Smile About  愛心不停駛的微笑列車

make a difference  有所不同∕影響
make no difference  沒有不同∕影響
例: One hundred dollars might mean nothing to you, but it can make a difference in a poor person's life.
例: It makes no difference whether you attend the meeting or not.
b. 根據上述,故選 (C)。

7. However, they are far from the 4.6 million cases it would take to eliminate clefts worldwide.
a. (A) delete vt. 刪除
例: Tommy accidentally deleted his five-page paper.
(湯米不小心把他長達 5 頁的報告給刪掉了。)
(B) exaggerate vt. 誇大
例: Kathy always exaggerates how bad her husband is.
(C) benefit vt. 有益於,使獲益
例: This new policy will benefit all taxpayers.
(D) eliminate vt. 消除,消滅