On Board Air Force One and On Board Marine One

  Presidents must be able to meet with numerous people every day. This means going to different cities or countries all in one day. Sometimes, they may even have to come back the same night. The only way for a president to do this is to have a handy means of transportation2 when he or she needs it. For US President Barack Obama, Inauguration3 Day on January 20, 2009 was the first day he got to officially ride on Air Force4 One.

  This month, National Geographic Channel follows Obama on his way to the inauguration. In the program, "On Board Air Force One," NGC learns all about the new president's mobile office. This includes what he first ordered—a burger and fries—and some jokes he made with the captain. Since the general public5 is not even allowed to be near Air Force One, most people don't know what it looks like inside the plane. NGC shows viewers the president's bedroom and the top-secret area where the president can talk with other world leaders. This month, "On Board Air Force One" goes inside the most famous plane in the world.

On Board Air Force One and On Board Marine One



《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. numerous a. 許多的,很多的
The meeting focused on numerous issues.
2. handy a. 方便的,簡便的
Dan never travels without a handy map.
3. means n. 工具;方法(恆用複數)
Lisa tried every means to lose weight.