How to Plant Seeds

  Many people think that having a garden means you need lots of space and free time. However, that is not true. Growing a few plants in your home or on a window sill1 still counts as gardening. There are many reasons why gardening is a good hobby to develop. Plants add color to any room and keep the air fresh. Plus, if you keep some flowering2 plants outside your windows, they may even attract lovely butterflies. You can also try growing vegetables and herbs3. They will provide food and flavor for cooking. Dried herbs and flowers also make great decorations.

  There are other benefits to gardening as well. One is that it makes people more relaxed. Studies have shown that people who do gardening feel calmer in their lives. This is because gardening helps them release stress. Another benefit of gardening is that it improves health. Gardening keeps you active and provides fresh food. Both of these are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Gardeners also feel a stronger connection to nature. This is important, especially with all of the environmental problems we are trying to deal with these days.

  If you are looking for a hobby, give gardening a try. You will discover the fun of getting your hands dirty and the satisfaction that comes with growing something. Besides, nothing tastes better than a vegetable you have grown in your own garden.

How to Plant Seeds




《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. benefit n. 好處,益處
Convenience is a benefit of living in cities.
2. relaxed a. 輕鬆的;舒適的
Janet felt more relaxed after taking a bath.