Why We Love to Grill

  From yakiniku in Japan to shashlik in Russia, churrasco in Brazil to braai in South Africa, everyone loves a good barbecue. With centuries-old recipes and various traditions, no country or culture can claim the BBQ as their own. In America, however, thousands of people are trying hard to change that. The goal is to make the perfect barbecue and make it American.

  The KCBS, Kansas City Barbecue Society1, doesn't have a long history. What it has, though, is 10,000 members, which makes it the largest society for barbecuing on the planet. Their aim is to make American barbecue the absolute best in the world.

  When it comes to barbecue, they don't just mean grilling meat. They mean grilling lots of meat. The society's main activity is hosting barbecue contests all over the country. They put on more than 300 events every year. These contests are no small matter. People form special barbecue teams and travel from contest to contest. All of their efforts are meant for them to be ranked as the top barbecuers in the nation.

  The biggest BBQ event of the year happens at the Memphis May Festival. This is where hundreds of professional barbecue teams battle for the world championship title2 and US$90,000 in prizes. Who will be crowned the BBQ King? Like most affairs of food, it is a matter of taste.

Why We Love to Grill





《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. absolute a. 絕對的(強調語氣用)