Amazon Rainforest

  Biodiversity is vital for many reasons, one of which is medicine. Many drugs that we use to cure illness and fight disease are made from plants in the rainforests. That is why scientists always do tests on plants that are newly found there. If the rainforests keep disappearing, we might lose the chance to find cures for certain diseases. Aside from medicine, there is the beauty of the rainforests and the creatures that live there. When the rainforests are gone, they will be gone forever. The same goes for plants and animals. Those that become extinct will never be seen again.

  The millions and millions of trees and plants in the rainforests help to clean carbon dioxide1 out of the air. This reduces air pollution and helps keep the Earth clean. However, the life of the Amazon rainforest is being seriously threatened. Climate change2 is one problem that makes it harder and harder for the rainforest to survive. Another is farming3. People have been cutting down the trees to clear the land so that they can use it for farming. Deforestation4 causes great damage to rainforests. Although it is important that people can grow food on farms, it is equally important to save the Amazon rainforest. Researchers believe that within 20 years, 40 percent of the current Amazon rainforest will be lost forever. Therefore, we should make every effort to protect this natural treasure before it is too late.

Amazon Rainforest



《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. vital a. 極其重要的,不可或缺的
Sufficient sleep is vital to one's health.
2. extinct a. 滅絕的,絕種的
Polar bears will probably be extinct if global warming becomes worse.
3. reduce vt. 減少;降低
Did Ed's landlord agree to reduce his rent?