The National Geographic Channel will air a brand new series this month. It is called 4Real, and it is hosted by the world-famous music producer Sol Guy. Sol travels with different superstars to raise awareness about some of the important issues1 of our time. In each community2 of each country, the stars see the difficulties that its people must face every day. Sometimes it is drug addiction3, while other times it is lack of medicine. Watch as these stars travel through wild jungles4, dangerous neighborhoods5, and unexpected places.
  On the trips, Sol introduces the superstars to some very special people. They are local people who have not given up on their homes. These heroes are working hard to bring happiness into some of the most infamous places in the world. As they all find out, not everything is dark and sad in these neighborhoods. The spirits of the people are still filled with hope.
  In 4Real, you'll see how awful slums6 are. But you'll also meet some inspiring people who live in them. Tune in to learn how a little bit of love can make a big difference.

1. unexpected a. 想不到的,意外的
Ted's terrible performance was unexpected.
2. infamous a. 聲名狼藉的,惡名昭彰的
I don't trust Jim, who is an infamous liar.
3. inspiring a. 鼓舞人心的