Andy Warhol Exhibition

  Andy Warhol was one of the central figures in the Pop Art movement1, which started in the mid 1950s. His works have been seen by millions and are memorable because of the original ideas behind them. They usually include bright colors and contrasts2. It is likely that you already know a few of his works, such as the Campbell's soup can painting or the portraits3 of Marilyn Monroe. Warhol's interests went beyond art and included film making, record producing, and writing.

  Warhol's art is not just nice to look at. It also reflects what was happening in the world at that time. Some examples of this are his famous portrait of Mao and his magazine cover of the Mafia4 on trial.

  Warhol also came up with the phrase "15 minutes of fame." It refers to how quickly the media jumps from one story to the next. This means someone could be hot news today and forgotten tomorrow.

  If modern art is right up your alley, then don't miss your chance to see Andy Warhol's works in person. An exhibition of his art is being held at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial5 Hall until March 29. Make plans to see Andy Warhol's masterpieces6 right away!

Andy Warhol Exhibition





《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. memorable a. 難忘的;值得懷念的