Somewhere in China

  Film makers, photographers, and brothers Peter and Jeff Hutchens are heading back to China, where they lived as children. Their Chinese adventure takes them all over the country and gets them into interesting situations1—some fun and some dangerous. National Geographic Channel's series Somewhere in China takes viewers with them. From the Silk Road to an icy city, travel with Peter and Jeff as they meet interesting people and try new things.

  In Somewhere in China: Silk Road, the brothers want to look like the tough Uygur men of Kashgar. Therefore, they stop by a knife factory, since having a knife represents manhood2 to the Uygur. Then they visit a Kyrgyz village to play a game that is similar to polo3. However, instead of a ball, a headless goat is used to score points. The next day, the brothers take a camel ride through the desert.

  Peter and Jeff's next stop is the Three Gorges4 Dam5, where they see the dam's effects first hand. They also stop to see a 1,700-year-old city that is now underwater and then enjoy the valley's unbelievable landscape6.

Somewhere in China




《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. icy a. 被冰雪覆蓋的;極冷的
You have to drive differently on icy roads.
2. tough a. 堅強的;能吃苦耐勞的
Al acted tough even though he was scared.