He is Siku Cute!

People who are totally into cuteness should go check out Siku the baby polar bear online. Born in November 2011, Siku has become a worldwide sensation1, with viral videos2 and thousands of Facebook fans. Siku,whose name means ice in Greenlandic3, lives at the Scandinavian4 Wildlife Park in Denmark. The zookeepers responsible for his care have been posting pictures of the adorable little furball5 on his Facebook page, along with videos and
  Since his mother could not produce milk,Siku had to be hand-fed with a bottle. At first,his handlers6 were not sure if Siku would even take to the bottle. However, he has responded well and is now thriving. He doubled in size and
weighed three kilograms in December, and he tripled that in February of 2012, with a weight of nine kilograms. By the time he is fully grown,Siku will weigh around 500 kilograms and stand three meters tall.
  Siku is not just about cuteness. With Polar Bears International, Siku asks that people do more to reduce their carbon footprints7 for their future's sake. Siku really brings cheer into the world in more ways than one.

He is Siku Cute!
  熱衷於可愛事物的人都該上網看看這隻名叫Siku的北極熊寶寶。出生於2011年十一月的Siku 已經轟動全球,不但網路上四處流傳各種與牠有關的影片,就連Facebook上都有成千上萬的粉絲。Siku住在位於丹麥的斯堪地納維亞野生動物園裡,其名字在格陵蘭語中意指『冰』。負責照料Siku 的動物園工作人員都會將這個可愛小毛球的照片、影片和最新近況發表在牠Facebook的粉絲頁面上。