Wing K. Lee, CEO of Malaysia’s YTL Communications, is investing heavily to deploy a 4G network and create the world’s first global WiMAX wireless Internet network 馬來西亞YTL 通訊執行長Wing K. Lee重金布建4G 打造全球第一

Wing K. Lee, who was appointed CEO of YTL Communications in September 2009, says bluntly that 4G (Fourth Generation Mobile Communications) development in Malaysia cannot follow the same pattern as 3G, where telecommunications operators all went their own separate ways; developing 4G will require close collaboration with content providers if it is to be successful. In the broadband era, the only way to attract subscribers to a new transmission medium is to offer a wide range of content and applications.
去年9月銜命擔任YTL Communications執行長的Wing K. Lee,直指馬來西亞的4G發展,不能走過往3G電信業者自己關起門來玩的老路,必須要和市場上的內容開發商密切合作,才是正途。因為在寬頻傳輸的時代,唯有大量且豐富的內容應用程式,才是吸引用戶使用新傳輸媒介的唯一途徑。

Wing K. Lee made a special visit to Taiwan in mid-April, during which he described to Taiwanese wireless communications equipment developers and content developers the mYprize competition, for which YTL Communications provided US$1 million worth of prizes at the beginning of this year. Lee pointed out that Taiwan has large numbers of outstanding software and hardware engineers, and said that, by offering attractive financial rewards, YTL Communications hopes to attract first-class wireless communications equipment developers and content providers to participate in the development of terminal devices and application programs for YTL’s WiMAX network. Lee noted that YTL Communications’ WiMAX wireless network would have its soft launch in the third quarter of 2010, and would be rolled out nationwide in the fourth quarter.
Wing K. Lee在4月中旬特別來到台灣,對台灣的無線通訊設備開發商及內容開發商,介紹YTL Communications在今年初大手筆推出總獎金高達100萬美元的mYprize競賽活動,Wing K. Lee表示,台灣擁有許多傑出的軟硬體工程師,希望「重賞之下必有勇夫」,吸引世界各地的傑出無線通訊設備開發商以及內容開發商,參與開發YTL在WiMax系統的終端設備及內容應用程式。他說,今年第3季,YTL Communications的WiMax無線系統將開始試營運,第4季起將在全國正式營運。

Unlike other WiMAX operators who only provide service within major cities, in the future YTL Communications will be setting up base stations throughout Malaysia, in both urban and rural areas. Wing K. Lee said confidently that YTL Communications’ WiMAX subscribers will be able to enjoy the world’s first WiMAX wireless network that has no dead zones.
未來,YTL Communication將不像其他WiMax業者,只將傳輸範圍局限在主要城市之中,而將在馬來西亞城鄉各角落大舉布建基地台。Wing K. Lee更發下豪語,要讓YTL的WiMax用戶,享受全世界第一個全區無死角的WiMax無線傳輸系統。