【英語島讀書會】Tools of Titan

作者:Tim Ferriss

主持知名播客電台《The Tim Ferriss Show》,也曾在TED發表經典演講《無所畏懼,學無止境》(Smash Fear, Learn Anything)。


In 2007 Tim Ferriss invented the concept of 'lifestyle design' and became a sort of personal growth and entrepreneurship guru. Then he went on to do his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show. In the process of doing his show, he conducted hundreds of interviews with illustrious folks including Arnold Schwarzenegger (Or The Governator, as we so love to call him), Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies, and Founders Fund), Malcolm Gladwell (author of Blink, Outliers, and The Tipping Point), and Casey Neistat (world famous filmographer and vlogger). Ferriss' relentless information gathering through interviews and personal research is very readable and satisfying, while offering up boatloads of ways that we can use to improve our work processes, business skills, and personal health. His book is organized into three sections; 'Healthy', 'Wealthy' and 'Wise', after a famous idiom by the American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin ("Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise").

2007年提姆.費里斯提出全新的概念「生活設計」,一舉成為個人成長及創業的泰斗,接著主持他個人的播客電台The Tim Ferriss Show。製作播客節目的過程中,他訪問許多知名人士,如阿諾.史瓦辛格(暱稱「州長終結者」)、彼得.泰爾(PayPal、Palantir及Founders Fund的共同創辦人)、麥爾坎.葛拉威爾(《決斷2秒間》、《異數》和《引爆趨勢》的作者)和凱西.奈斯塔特(世界知名微電影製作人及網紅)。費里斯透過訪談及私人研究累積的大量資訊,都非常有可看性,並提供許多增進工作效率、商業技巧及個人健康的建議。書分作幾個篇幅,分別為「健康」、「財富」及「智慧」,出自典故美國開國元勳班傑明.富蘭克林的經典名言(「早睡早起,使你健康、富有、聰明」)。

The book's lessons are enlivening. Arnold Schwarzenegger shares about how he won the bodybuilding grand championship, Mr. Universe title, when he was 20, then he talked about how he made his fortune through business and real estate before he making it as an actor. Peter Thiel, of PayPal fame, talks about the decision-making process he used to produce his repeated successes. Chade-Meng "Meng" Tan was Google employee #107, and was the project lead for a mindfulness training and emotional intelligence course within Google which routinely had a 6-month waitlist. She shares practical and approachable advice about how to meditate ("I tell my students that all they need to commit to is one mindful breath a day.").


This is a book that invites us to think about how we can improve on what we do every day, regardless of how small or large the challenges might seem to be. Reading it has encouraged me to me search out the books the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and 1,000 True Fans, as well as follow the book's leads to research more efficient thinking strategies, meditation, and intermittent fasting. Tools of Titans is filled with polished gems that work well as guideposts on the journey for business excellence, health, and more free time.


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