Art or Breakfast?  捨不得吃的藝術

Egg decorating is a form of art that has been popular for thousands of years.

  Eggs are not just for eating. With a unique shape that is smooth and elegant, they're also perfect for decorating.
  _(1)_ decorating them with bright and beautiful colors, eggs can be made into little works of art. This is actually a custom that started thousands of years ago. Throughout history, eggs have represented many different things. The tradition of decorating eggs has often been used as a way to celebrate the things they signify.
  People first started decorating eggs in ancient Egypt over 5,000 years ago. To celebrate the coming of the new year, Egyptians would _(2)_ decorated eggs as gifts. They believed that the eggs would bring good luck in the year to come.
  Many years later, when Christians began their own tradition of decorating eggs, the practice took on a whole new meaning. Christians used the egg as a religious _(3)_. Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and the egg is used to represent the tomb that he was first placed in. To this day, many people still _(4)_ egg decorating with this meaning.
  Today, people from all over the world _(5)_ the tradition of decorating eggs. Using paints and dyes is the most common method. But for experts, the _(6)_ shell can also be carved. Eggs are sometimes decorated with beads by having tiny holes _(7)_ into the shell. Ukrainian egg-decorating uses wax, and the incredible patterned designs of Ukrainian eggs are known worldwide. These are some of the methods that can be used; the rest is up to the artist and the egg.

1. (A) As (B) By   (C) With   (D) Upon
2. (A) apply  (B) replace (C) exchange (D) transfer
3. (A) symbol  (B) symptom (C) signal (D) signature
4. (A) mistake  (B) compare (C) suspect  (D) associate
5. (A) carry on (B) lay off (C) stand for (D) put aside
6. (A) delicate (B) fluent (C) sensitive (D) allergic
7. (A) make  (B) making (C) made  (D) to be made


1. By decorating them with bright and beautiful colors, eggs can be made into little works of art.