Dancing Underwater  優雅的水上芭蕾

Synchronized swimming is a sport that always makes a splash.

  Synchronized swimming (花式游泳) must be seen to be understood. It _(1)_ groups of swimmers who perform dance routines in the water. The swimmers twist, flip, and raise their arms and legs together, making patterns and creating a spectacle as a whole. Their _(2)_ are timed to go together perfectly. Especially from a distance, it is a strangely fascinating sight.
  Synchronized swimming is a _(3)_ new sport. It was first performed in Canada at the beginning of the 20th century. As a _(4)_ of swimming, dance, and gymnastics, it was eventually given the nickname "water ballet." Its popularity jumped in 1984, when synchronized swimming became recognized as an _(5)_ sport of the Summer Olympics. Participation in the Olympic Games is only _(6)_ to female synchronized swimmers. But although it is a sport dominated by women, there are some male synchronized swimmers who _(7)_ national competitions.
  Although synchronized swimming looks graceful, it is a sport that requires great strength, skill, and timing. Synchronized swimmers train for many hours every day to make sure that they have the endurance and flexibility necessary to _(8)_ striking routines. Some synchronized swimmers do perform solo routines, but most work in pairs or small groups. Performing as part of a larger group _(9)_ an extra level of difficulty as it requires the swimmers to be in sync with each other and with the music.
  If you ever see several people _(10)_ their arms at the same time in a pool, don't run for a lifeguard because you think they are drowning. They might be practicing a synchronized swimming routine.

(A) adds (B) official (C) involves (D) waving (E) combination (F) open (G) carry out (H) movements (I) relatively (J) take part in


1. It involves groups of swimmers who perform dance routines in the water.
a. 空格前有代名詞 it,後有名詞詞組 groups of swimmers(成群的游泳者),可知空格內應置入第三人稱單數形的及物動詞或及物動詞片語。
b. 符合上述的選項有 (A) adds(增加)和 (C) involves(包含,需要),然僅 involves 置入後符合語意,表這項運動由成群的游泳者在水中表演舞蹈動作,故選 (C)。
c. involve vt. 包含,需要
例: Good management involves a careful division of labor.