The Flower Kisser花花世界裡的小可愛——蜂鳥

This petite bird is actually pretty powerful.

  Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on Earth, and they are also the most fascinating. Hummingbirds live in the Americas, with a _(1)_ in Central and South America. The life of an active little hummingbird revolves around getting food. On a regular day, one hummingbird will visit _(2)_ 1,000 flowers to find nectar. To ensure that they get enough protein in their diet, they also prey on spiders in their webs and small insects.  
  _(3)_, a human's heart beats 72 times per minute. While doing something strenuous, that number can double. Hummingbirds' heartbeats, however, can get all the way _(4)_ 1,260 beats per minute. This is because they flap their wings incredibly fast when they fly, never stopping. Hummingbirds are the only birds _(5)_ wings can move in a complete circle. This _(6)_ them to fly forwards, backwards, sideways, and even upside down. They can also move their wings in a figure eight shape so they can hover in the air like a helicopter.
  Like most birds, hummingbirds dislike cold weather and _(7)_ south for the winter. This is most impressive for birds from North America, which travel all the way to Central America. Canadian hummingbirds travel the farthest, flying 4,000 kilometers to reach a warmer environment. On one leg of the journey, the hummingbirds fly over 1,000 kilometers without stopping at all. Don't underestimate the diminutive hummingbird: it's more powerful than it looks!

1. (A) plenty   (B) capacity   (C) majority  (D) popularity
2. (A) barely   (B) roughly    (C) practically (D) relatively
3. (A) On average (B) On the spot (C) Above all  (D) At one time
4. (A) as much as (B) such as    (C) to and fro (D) up to
5. (A) what    (B) which     (C) whose    (D) their
6. (A) forces   (B) enables    (C) makes    (D) lets
7. (A) migrate   (B) immigrate   (C) explode   (D) expand

1. Hummingbirds live in the Americas, with a majority in Central and Southern America.
a. (A) plenty n. 大量,眾多
plenty of...  許多的……
例: There is plenty of room here to install a chandelier.