The Heart of the Big Apple大蘋果的核心——紐約時代廣場

Times Square is an attraction that could only be found in the modern world.

  As you walk in New York City towards Times Square, the streets become even more packed with pedestrians. People bump into you, talking with each other or on cell phones. You walk by clean, modern stores with expensive clothes and shoe stores filled with the newest styles of running shoe. Cheap fast-food restaurants are noisy and full of customers. As you get closer, more and more people hold cameras and look up at the tall buildings around them, preparing to see the spectacle of Times Square.
  Then you hit Times Square. This section of Manhattan (the main part of New York City, where many big financial companies operate) is one of New York's oldest tourist attractions. With its tall buildings and massive lit-up advertisements, Times Square has come to symbolize New York itself. And as New York changes over time, so does Times Square. Today, Times Square is mainly about advertising and 21st-century commerce. Traffic is too busy to make it a good place to walk around and enjoy the afternoon. In the past, however, Times Square was a cultural center in New York.
  Once a year, though, Times Square is the site for a special celebration. On New Year's Eve, enormous crowds gather in Times Square. As people count down to midnight together, a gigantic ball made of crystal and lights descends along a pole. When midnight strikes, the ball reaches the bottom, and the crowds hug and kiss and cheer, thinking of the year that has passed and the year to come. It is a celebration that has become famous all over the world, and it is one of the traditions that keep New York in touch with its past.

1. What is the first paragraph about?
(A) Times Square in the past.
(B) The things you can do in New York.
(C) How to get to Times Square on foot.
(D) What it's like to walk toward Times Square.

2. What is the difference between Times Square now and in the past?
(A) It is now based on modern business.
(B) It was not popular in the past.
(C) Its buildings were quite small in the past.
(D) The traffic is now slower and calmer.

3. On New Year's Eve, people in Times Square _____.