Winter Wonderland 全球瘋聖誕

  People all over the world have ways to make Christmas fun. It is a time for winter pleasures and traditions and for spending quality time1 with friends and family. Traditions can change, and some celebrations vary from place to place. But one thing is for sure—Christmas is a great time for a festival! One of the best places to enjoy the fun of winter festivals is in Belgium, specifically its capital, Brussels. This is where the famous Winter Wonder festival takes place every year.

  For moms and dads, a lot of shopping can be done at the Winter Wonder festival. It has one of Europe's biggest and best Christmas markets. Made up of 240 wooden cottages2, the Christmas market sells a variety of cuisines and seasonal gifts.

  Winter Wonder has an essential element of cold-weather fun—an ice-skating rink3. It also has merry-go-rounds4 and a huge Ferris wheel5 covered in lights, which are always a big hit with children. Those are not the only dazzling lights you will find at the festival, though. Colored lights that glow through the pavement6 and special lampposts7 guide you through lively street activities. Another part that can't be missed is the magical light display at the Grand-Place, a huge public square with historic buildings. The city of Brussels really comes alive with the magic of the Winter Wonder festival.

Winter Wonderland   全球瘋聖誕

  世界各地的人總有辦法讓聖誕節變得歡樂無比。這個時節能讓您盡情享受冬天的樂趣及傳統,並和親朋好友歡度寶貴的時光。傳統可以改變,而且某些慶祝活動也隨著地方不同而有所差異。但有一件事是確定的,那就是聖誕節是舉行慶典的好日子!能夠享受冬日節慶樂趣的最佳地點之一就是比利時,尤其是它的首都布魯塞爾。這個地方每年都會舉行著名的Winter Wonder節慶。

  對爸爸媽媽來說,在Winter Wonder節慶中可以大肆血拼一番。這時候所舉辦的市集是歐洲最大最棒的聖誕市集之一。這個聖誕市集由兩百四十個小木屋構築而成,當中販售各式各樣的美食和季節性禮物。

  Winter Wonder有一項在冬季遊樂中不可缺少的元素--溜冰場。那裡還有點綴著各種燈飾的旋轉木馬和一座大型摩天輪,而這些設施總是深受小朋友的喜愛。不過上頭的燈飾並不是節慶當中唯一會令您目眩神迷的燈光。人行道和特殊燈柱上的一串串繽紛燈飾會指引您穿梭在熱鬧非凡的街頭活動中。另一個不容錯過的活動則是於Grand-Place舉行的魔幻燈光秀,那裡是一個有許多歷史建築坐落其中的大型公共廣場。布魯塞爾在Winter Wonder節慶魔力的感染下著實變得熱鬧滾滾。

《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. seasonal a. 季節性的,時令的
The delicious cake was made with seasonal fruits.
2. essential a. 不可或缺的;絕對重要的
Patience is essential in learning new things.
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