That's Lincredible!

At the beginning of the 2012 NBA season,many people thought that the players would be tired all the time because they would have to play so many games back to back as a result of the condensed schedule caused by the lockout. Although this has proven to be mostly true, there is a Cinderella story that has caught fire. In case you've been living
under a rock, it should actually be called a Linderella story after Jeremy Lin, the Taiwanese-American point guard for the New York Knicks. Even though Lin was born and raised in America,Taiwan has quickly adopted him as their hero because he represents the never-give-up attitude of many Taiwanese people. Lin went to Harvard and played on their basketball team without a scholarship.Despite getting an economics degree, Lin wouldn't give up his dream of playing in the NBA. He tried out, went undrafted, and pushed himself to make his dreams come true. In 2010, he was signed by the Golden State Warriors but rode the bench most of the season. In 2011, Lin went to the training camp for
the Houston Rockets but was cut before the season started. Shortly after, he was signed by the Knicks but didn't get much playing time at first. Then, two of the Knicks' biggest stars couldn't play, and the coach put Lin in. Lin did so well in his first game that he was promoted to starter, and now, the world has caught Linsanity. He has graced the covers of two consecutive issues of Sports Illustrated and brought Madison Square Garden, the home of the Knicks, back to life. Regardless of what happens next, Jeremy Lin has taught everyone that there is no shortcut to success.

在 2012 年 NBA 球季開始時,許多人都認為,球員們將會因為封館的緣故,造成必須要連續出賽而一直很疲倦。雖然事後證明大抵正確,但是有個灰姑娘傳奇卻延燒開來。假使你對此一無所知,它事實上應該被稱為『林』姑娘傳奇,他是紐約尼克隊的台裔美籍控球後衛林書豪。雖然林書豪是在美國出生長大,但全台灣很快接受他為英雄,因為他代表了許多台灣人永不放棄的態度。林書豪進入哈佛大學就讀,在沒有獎學金的情形下加入了籃球校隊。雖然取得了經濟學學位,但林書豪並未放棄加入 NBA 的夢想。他參加選拔,即使在選秀會中落選,他仍持續鞭策自己讓夢想成真。2010 年,他被金州勇士隊簽下,但整季都沒什麼上場機會。 2011 年,他前往參加休士頓火箭隊的訓練營,但是在球季開打前被解約。不久
後,他被紐約尼克隊簽下,但一開始並沒有獲得太多的上場機會。後來,尼克隊 2 位大將缺陣,教練便將林書豪推上火線。林書豪在首戰表現十分傑出,因此被拔擢為先發球員,而現在這股『林來瘋』的風潮已襲捲全球。他連續上了 2 期的《運動畫刊》雜誌的封面,也帶領紐約尼克隊主場麥迪遜廣場花園絕地重生。不管接下來還會發生什麼