Giant Pandas  大熊貓

(A) change their lifestyles completely
(B) give birth to their cubs
(C) are protected from the cold by their fur
(D) rest in a dormant state

4. Who would most enjoy watching Giant Pandas on National Geographic Channel?
(A) A historian.
(B) A zoologist.
(C) A philanthropist.
(D) A dentist.

1. lush a. 蒼翠的,草木茂盛的
2. trek n.(長途跋涉的)旅行
3. steep a. 陡峭的
4. slope n. 斜坡
5. treacherous a. 危險的
6. droppings n. 鳥獸的糞便
7. intimate a. 深入的,詳盡的
8. portrait n. 描寫;寫照