A Serious Sport 奪羊大賽——中亞的馬球運動

To outsiders, Buzkashi might seem violent and strange.

  Polo involves teams of riders on horseback who use mallets to try and hit a small ball into a goal. Popular in England and India, polo has long been a game for kings, princes, and wealthy people to play at country clubs. A Central Asian sport called Buzkashi (奪羊大賽) often gets compared to polo, but _(1)_, it is very different. In Buzkashi, skilled riders gallop around in a field and try to grab the body of a beheaded calf or goat. The aim is to get the carcass away from other players and take it across a goal line.
  This rough sport is extremely popular in Afghanistan, _(2)_ training for the competition begins at a very young age. Most people aren't considered masters _(3)_ they are over the age of 40. While competing on the field, players can use different tactics to try and get a(n) _(4)_ over the others. These can _(5)_ the violent use of force like hitting, kicking, or even whipping. The only thing not _(6)_ in Buzkashi is tripping another rider's horse because this could cause serious injuries to the riders or horses. The day before a Buzkashi game, a calf is slaughtered and put in water so that it won't _(7)_ easily during the game. The sport may seem grisly to outsiders, but in countries like Afghanistan, a winner of a Buzkashi game is celebrated as a grand champion.

1. (A) in some ways (B) by no means (C) at all costs (D) in other words
2. (A) when   (B) where   (C) which    (D) what
3. (A) since   (B) once   (C) until    (D) except
4. (A) benefit   (B) advantage  (C) profit    (D) encouragement
5. (A) include   (B) maintain  (C) encounter (D) consist
6. (A) allowing   (B) allowed   (C) allows    (D) to allow
7. (A) come around (B) break down (C) put aside  (D) fall apart

1. A Central Asian sport called Buzkashi often gets compared to polo, but in some ways, it is very different.
a. (A) In some ways, S + V  就某方面來說,……
例: In some ways, the manager is hard to get along with.