Giant Pandas  大熊貓

1. divide n. 分水嶺 & vt. 劃分
divide sth into...  把某物分成……
例: Can you divide the pie into eight pieces so we can all have some?
(你可以把派分成 8 份,讓大家都能享用到嗎?)

2. be on the lookout for...  密切留意……
lookout n. 張望;注意
例: My mother loves sales and is always on the lookout for bargains.

3. elusive a. 難以見到的;難以捉摸的
elude vt. 逃脫,逃避
例: The elusive criminal hid from the police for 10 years before being caught.
(那名難纏的罪犯躲過警方追捕長達 10 年後才落網。)
例: The suspect eluded capture by hiding in the sewers.

4. elevation n. 高度;海拔
at an/the elevation of...  在海拔……的高度