A Sporting Chance  基因決定你運動行不行

DNA testing may find the next generation of athletes.
DNA 測試或許能挖掘下一代的運動家。

  Everyone knows that athletic success is partly hard work and partly luck. Some people are stronger or faster than _(1)_, but only a select few have the determination needed to make it in professional athletics. It is the combination of personality and inherent genetic advantages that can make someone a superstar.
  Now, however, DNA testing, which involves analyzing a person's DNA to find out facts about their genetic make-up, is being used to find _(2)_ athletes. Because the human genetic code helps to define every aspect of your body—height and muscle type, as well as hair and eye color—it can give clues to the sports that you might _(3)_.
  The science is young, but there are already several _(4)_. For example, it is easy to find out if someone has the ACTN3 gene. This gene has been linked to the development of fast-twitch muscle fibers that help an athlete to sprint. _(5)_, there is a test for PPAR-delta, which governs the growth of slow-twitch muscles, important for sports like weightlifting. Some private companies are already offering these DNA tests to parents who want to _(6)_ and nurture their children's special talents.
  But is this fair? Perhaps not. Many people say that the right genes are not enough to create an illustrious athlete. The annals of sports history are full of stars that were not the best fit for their sports, but became legends through endless practice and a gritty determination to win. What we do know, though, is that in the future, genetic testing will very likely play a _(7)_ role in sports. So if you want to play, you'd better have the DNA.

1. (A) other    (B) another   (C) others    (D) still others
2. (A) artificial (B) effective (C) sensitive (D) potential
3. (A) dwell in  (B) excel at (C) attend to (D) reflect on
4. (A) applications (B) negotiations (C) substitutions (D) communications
5. (A) Otherwise (B) Edgewise (C) Clockwise (D) Likewise
6. (A) notify (B) identify (C) clarify (D) signify
7. (A) vivid (B) violent (C) vital (D) various

1. Some people are stronger or faster than others, but...
a. 空格前有 Some people(有些人),可知 than 之後應置入代名詞 others(= other people,其他人),形成下列固定用法: