iPad – The Future?Devices that can be folded, bent, and stretched; devices with sound, taste, and feel iPad來世今生 可折可彎可伸縮 有聲有味有感覺

iPad fever is sweeping the world, and has prompted many suggestions as to how devices like the iPad could be improved. However, what consumers should really be thinking about is how this type of device will develop in the future; what kinds of new information and communications technology (ICT) can be integrated into these products to support the development of innovative new applications that meet people’s needs. The Streaming Innovation Group (SIG) established by Ideas magazine has undertaken intensive brainstorming regarding these new types of ICT, and has come up with several innovative concepts and usage scenarios for the iPads and tablet PCs of 2020:
iPad旋風燒遍了全球,也引發了許多改進呼聲。但真正值得消費者關注的,是這類型裝置的未來發展,能加入什麼的新資通訊技術,才能產生出更多合乎人性需求的創新應用。《創新發現誌(ideas)》所推動成立的創意團體Streaming Innovation Group(簡稱SIG),針對這些全新的資通訊科技進行各種推想,提出10年後iPad與平板電腦的創意概念與推演情境:

Pre-school age children: Three-year-old David has finally got the interactive learning game e-book that he has been looking forward to for a long time. David sticks the book-sized e-paper on the wall of his playroom, and touches the bunny on the e-paper; this action activates a video camera lens and speakers. With background music playing, the bunny tells David that it wants to play with him. By pointing at the bunny in the e-book, David can make it start to dance; David happily begins to jig around with it.

Office workers: Alan goes into the meeting room, places sheets of e-paper on the table, and sets up the glass wall as a dual-screen display. As the customers who are visiting his company come into the meeting room, Alan presses the e-paper, and a 3-D image of the electric car motor that his company’s engineering department has designed appears on the table. Alan uses his hand to move the image of the motor round, so that the customers can see the details of the design. When a customer touches part of the motor with a questioning look on their face, Alan activates the display wall videoconferencing function, which has been on standby, so that one of their colleagues in Germany can appear on screen and explain the aspect of the design that the customer is curious about. Later, Alan’s boss tells him that the customers were very impressed, and that it looks as though the deal will go ahead.