Want to make a profit? Start by analyzing the user experience! UiGathering – A cross-industry, inter-disciplinary organization dedicated to identifying new sources of demand 賺錢?先分析使用者經驗!UiGathering 跨業

A chance meeting six years ago of six Taiwanese experts at a human-machine interface conference in Austria led to the initiation of a collaborative project to promote user experience design back home in Taiwan. Through the establishment of the not-for-profit “UiGathering” organization, they aimed to focus the energies and efforts of people in different industries and disciplines to make a meaningful contribution to the transformation of Taiwanese manufacturing towards a new focus on brand management.
6年前台灣有6位創意菁英在奧地利的一場人因介面主題的研討會上偶遇,點燃了他們計畫在自己家鄉推廣使用者經驗設計(User Experience Design)的共同心願,希望藉由非營利組織UiGathering凝聚跨領域、跨業界的力量,為台灣製造業轉型為品牌經營盡一份心力。

What special value has led to the steady expansion of this user experience focused community, causing so many people to remain committed participants? Li Yu-Hsiu explains that there are two kinds of people who feel at home in UiGathering: people who enjoy the feeling that someone understands them, and people who enjoy being able to input their own observations and views regarding user experience. The brainstorming and exchange of ideas that takes place within UiGathering contributes to the sharing of knowledge between organizations.
是什麼了不起的價值,讓這個以使用者經驗為交流主軸的社群不斷擴大、甚至牢牢黏住參與者?李毓修表示,有兩種人在 UiGathering找到了歸屬感,一種人是在這兒找到了被了解的慰藉;一種是可以不斷地投入自己對使用者經驗的觀察與見解,在組織裡交流與激盪,進而汲取社群間的智慧。

So what is meant by the term “user experience”? This is something that people are unlikely to have been taught in school. To explain the concept, Li Yu-Hsiu uses selling spicy fried chicken breasts as an example. To attract the maximum possible number of customers, you need to get the quantity and temperature of the cooking oil just right in relation to the quantity of chicken used. You also have to consider all the other vital factors that contribute to giving the purchaser a “satisfying experience.” User experience design involves careful analysis of every stage in the process from product design through to production, and identifying opportunities to boost earnings. While this seems simple enough on the surface, in reality user experience design is a set of scientific techniques based on logical analysis that incorporates knowledge from a wide range of different sciences, including anthropology, communications science, engineering, etc.