According to Dr. Chang Jin-Fu, Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan:Cloud computing has an important role to play in industrial upgrading, by supporting the development of innovative, highly com

Cloud computing has been one of the hottest topics in high technology in the last few years, but what impact is it having on Taiwanese industry? What changes will cloud computing bring, and what new business opportunities will it create for Taiwan? In an interview with Ideas, Dr. Chang Jin-Fu, Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan, pointed out that active promotion of IT application promotion projects such as the e-Taiwan, M-Taiwan and i-Taiwan plans has helped to give Taiwan IT capabilities that are among the strongest in the world, and has won Taiwan widespread international acclaim.

Dr. Chang emphasizes that the impact of cloud computing will be comparable to that of the first industrial revolution, in so far as it will lead to a complete transformation of the international division of labor. Industries throughout the world will need to consider how they can exploit cloud computing to transform and upgrade themselves. Developing nations in particular will be eager to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their industrial structure.

Cloud computing has a very important role to play in Taiwan’s transformation from a manufacturing-oriented economy into a service-oriented economy. The government is promoting cloud computing adoption in a carefully planned, systematic manner, and is allocating resources to support this. To build consensus, in September 2009 the Science and Technology Advisory Group, Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Economic Affairs organized a Cloud Computing Strategic Forum, which attracted enthusiastic participation from government, industry, universities and research institutes, and provoked a very positive response.

Traditionally, Taiwan's IT sector has focused mainly on manufacturing, and the software industry has been relatively small. Cloud computing has an important role to play in the transformation and upgrading of the IT sector by facilitating the provision of high value-added application software and services that can enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness and help it to maintain its status as a leading player in the global IT sector.