Creative Cooking

  Nowadays, most of the food we eat is cooked in ovens or on stoves. The heat which is needed to cook this food comes from burning wood, gas, or other fuels1. However, natural resources2 are decreasing. When fuel becomes less available, people have to become more creative. Some of these creative cooking methods have been around for a long, long time. Others are rather new. Either way, uncommon cooking methods are now being used in many places all over the world.
  Some traditional cooking methods use little or no fuel. One example is an underground oven. This method is done by burying food in the ground under hot stones. In some places, food alone can be buried in sand. It is cooked by the sun heating the sand or by hot gases that rise out of the ground.

  When cars became common, people realized they could be used to cook food, too. The heat from a car's engine3 can cook an entire meal as you drive around. The heat from light bulbs4 can do the same thing. These creative cooking methods save fuel by using it to do two things at the same time. If you are interested in trying out any of these methods, look online. Many websites5 can show you how to use these methods to prepare food safely.

Creative Cooking




《Building Your Vocabulary》
1. nowadays adv. 現今,現時
People care more about fitness nowadays.
2. heat n. 熱,熱能 & vt. 加熱,使變熱
You have to heat the water until it boils.