A new world, fully connected 連網新世界

The term Internet of Things involves providing inanimate objects with sensory or communicative functions in order to increase their ability to connect and respond with the world as humans do.
所謂物聯網(Internet of Things),就像是幫各種物件加上「感覺」和「溝通」的能力,讓它們具有更接近人類的回應能力。

An ordinary human uses five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. To create these human-like qualities in man-made objects, designs are developed with specific sensory capabilities, such as video monitoring and recording devices to capture sight, and temperature or humidity readers to recreate the sense of touch. When identification software and wireless Internet service are also incorporated, the acquired data can be transmitted online for recognition and analysis, after which time the corresponding response is transmitted back to the object and the command is executed. The object is essentially transplanted with one or more of the five human senses, making it able to produce responses that can correspond to human behavior and habits.

Consumers are well-aware of the inconveniences of going to the supermarket and unknowingly buying food beyond its expiry date, or of seeing a “sold out” sign on vending machines when wanting to buy a beverage. In the future, however, another Internet of Things application will be made available to monitor information and prevent such inconveniences – namely, the use of intelligent vending machines and intelligent point of sale (POS) machines at supermarket counters.

Consumers using social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter on smart phones can also quickly and easily contact friends for advice on the best ketchup or spaghetti to buy, then use mobile communication devices to scan bar codes, obtain information or download discount coupons. When using mobile phones to make supermarket purchases, intelligent POS machines can use wireless sensor networks to automatically gather product information and complete purchases without the need of cashiers, saving both time and effort.
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